Members “own” a 1 Hour and 40 minute “member’s slot” every week at the same time and day for the summer. No other guests (outside of those invited by member) will be onsite other the beginning and end of the slot when other member may be getting ready or leaving. During that time, members can use the facility however they wish with the provided boat and driver. For example, Tuesdays from 3-4:40PM every week is your own during peak season. Members also receive priority booking access to lake sets during open lake times, discounted lake set rates, and free bookings during shoulder season.

  • CONTACT US for pricing and availiability
  • 1 hr 40 minute Member Slots starting roughly at 7:00AM-Sunset
  • Peak season is roughly May 16-September 21
  • Lake access is roughly Late April to Mid October
  • Members can “own” multiple time slots throughout the week
  • Members can bring up to 8 people during their slot, any more will incur a per head fee
  • Provided driver use is mandatory
  • Members pay for fuel used during their slot


In the early spring and late fall, lake usage from our members is reduced due to lower temps and kids’ school schedules. To give patrons every opportunity to make use of the facility, member time slots are closed and we move to an open lake format. Members and guests will be able to book sets at times normally reserved for members slots.

  • Members receive free open lake set bookings during this period, though they still pay for fuel used
  • Shoulder season open lake time is roughly 1PM-4PM daily
  • Spring Shoulder Season ~ April 21 – May 15
  • Fall Shoulder Season ~ September 21 – October 15


  • “Lake Sets” are available in minimum 15 minute blocks from 12:45PM-3:00PM Monday through Wednesday
  • Members will receive a reduced rate on lake sets booked during peak season and *free lake sets during shoulder season. 
  • *gas is paid for by member during shoulder season lake sets*
  • If a member is not using their slot on a given week, the slot may be sold back to the lake set and will appear as an additional lake set.
  • For exact lake set availability see our schedule
  • For member slot availibility CONTACT US