We allow a maximum of 8 participants per booking. That number is the maximum # of passengers in our wakeboat. Driver has final say if and how many passengers are allowed on the boat. If your booking is less than an hour do not expect any passengers to be allowed in the boat.

For groups of 9 people or more please contact us at kodiakskilake@gmail.com (member or otherwise)

15 minutes is enough time for an experienced tow sports participant to have plenty of fun and be tired enough to need a break. That being said, the time can go quickly so do not dawdle. While multiple participants can tube during a 15 minute lake set, for our other tow sport offerings we will only pull 1 participant per 15 minute set.


  1. Bookings begin at the scheduled time, whether the participant is ready or not. So arrive with enough time to prepare!
  2. Our cancellation policy is 24 hour notification before the  beginning of the booking. If canceling after the cancellation period, no credit or refund will be issued. Cancel by logging in to the scheduling gateway and selecting your booking. If you’re having trouble contact us by phone or e-mail to inquire about a cancellation.
    1. Colorado weather is unpredictable. Participants have up to the 24 hours before their booking to cancel their booking for free. Inside of 24 hours  participants have decided to roll the dice on the weather being up to their standards and refunds will no longer be granted.
    2. No-shows are not eligible for refunds regardless of weather conditions or excuses.
    3. Customers will receive a full refund or credit in the case of operator cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
    4. Participants that are on site when an operator cancels due to weather extreme enough to impair a drivers ability to safely operate the boat (extreme winds, extreme rain, lightning/thunder) will be offered a credit to be used in the future. This decision is at the driver’s discretion, wind and rain in and of themselves do not constitute grounds for cancellation.
  3. Driver will be asked if they are allowing passengers.
  4. Driver has final say on who is and is not allowed on the boat.
  5. Do not block the boat ramp when parking your vehicle
  6. Only 2 passengers in the ski boat and 8 passengers in the wake boat.
  7. There must be one life vest for each person in the boat.
  8. Everyone 12 and under must wear a life vest at all times while in the boat.
  9. There shall be no active skiing allowed within 30 feet of any shoreline, due to the shallow nature of the lake these areas are for wave dissipation.
  10. Tow sports participants will obey signals originating from the driver.
  11. Children 14 and under should NOT be left on site unsupervised.
  12. Due to the shallow nature of the Lake, there will be no diving allowed anywhere in the Lake. 
  13. Smoking is prohibited at the Lake Site. Absolutely No glass containers at the Site, no use and or possession of illegal drugs on club property are prohibited. 
  14. Drinking of alcoholic beverages on club property is prohibited. 
  15. Dogs are not allowed on the dock or beach area. 
  16. All litter and Recycling shall be disposed of in proper containers 
  17. Kodiak Ski Lake, LLC is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of any personal property of members or guests.
  18. No Jumping out of the boat while the engine is running.
  19. No food or drinks in the boat.
  20. When a boat is engaged in tow sports, there shall be no person in or on the water outside of the enclosed beach swim area, other than the person(s) participating in the tow sport. 
  21. There are no lifeguards on duty. Swimming and other water activities are at participants’ own risk.
  22. Children swimming in the water need to be constantly supervised by a guardian.
  23. Absolutely NO swimming or water activities during lightning or thunder.