Arriving Prepared

Time on the water requires a completed waiver and a scheduled time.

The number of people in your party must match the number of waivers we have signed.

Arrive at least 30 minutes early your first time! You’ll need time to change, collect equipment, go over lake procedures, and warm up.

Watch some youtube videos about the activities you’d like to enjoy

Reach out to us to confirm we’ll have the equipment you need.

Making the most of your time on the water


Ask the staff what the various hand signals are, so we don’t have to stop the boat to communicate.

Before your turn, ask any questions to the dock staff, so you don’t use up your lake time chatting with the driver.

15 minutes is enough time to get tired and need a break, but not if you start late and float aimlessly in the water. Enjoy your time on the water, not in it!

Want a photo or video of your time on the water? Pass your phone to the driver before you hop in the water!

What to bring


Snacks (not in boat)



Bathing Suit


Long sleeve clothes, regardless of weather. Overdress so you’re getting hot before you get in and you’ll enjoy your time in the water more, especially if you will be getting in the water multiple times or plan on riding in the boat.

A wetsuit or heatertop, not always necessary but might as well bring it, if you have it. Makes getting in the water a second time more appealling.

Phone or Camera (ask the us to take pics and video for you!) Tag us on social media! #kodiakskilake @kodiakskilake

Many guest like to tip the lake staff – bring some cash just in case!